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Public lecture "Recent economic developments in the Caucasus and Central Asia region”

On 19 May (Tuesday), KIMEP Central Asian Studies Center (CASC) is hosting a public lecture

"Recent economic developments in the Caucasus and Central Asia region”

by Juha Kähkönen, Deputy Director, Middle East and Central Asia Department, International Monetary Fund (IMF)

The IMF releases its Regional Economic Outlook (REO) in the spring and fall of every year. In its latest update in April 2015, it analysed the impact of the fall in oil prices, the economic slowdown in Russia and developments in exchange rates in the Caucasus and Central Asia region. In this lecture Mr. Kähkönen will share his understanding of economic developments in the region.

Short biography of the speaker:

Mr. Juha Kahkonen is deputy director of Middle East and Central Asia Department, IMF, since March 2012. Oversees the department’s work on Egypt and the CCA (Caucasus and Central Asia) Mr. Juha Kahkonen has Ph.D. from Michigan (1982).
Mr. Juha Kahkonen has previously worked in the Research, Asian, Policy Development and Review, and European Departments. Past assignments include period as resident representative in India, work on advanced and emerging market countries in Asia (Japan, Singapore, Poland, and Thailand), heading IMF missions to Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, and more recently Germany and Russia, and reviewing IMF work on some 50 countries representing all continents.
Prior to joining the IMF, in 1982–86, Mr. Juha Kahkonen worked as assistant professor at New York University, associate professor and professor at Helsinki School of Economics, and research advisor at the Bank of Finland.

Time: 19 May (Tuesday), 15:00-16:00
Place: Hall 237, Valikhanov Building, KIMEP University (map attached)
Language: English

Please, find attached the IMF REO for the Middle East and Central Asia "Learning to Live with Cheaper Oil Amid Weaker Demand" released in January 2015.

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