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Всемирный Психологический Форум в Праге, 17-19 Сентября 2015 года.

World Psychological Forum 2015 – Crossroads of Interdisciplinarity: 17th – 19th September 2015, Prague

From WPF 2015 Organizers:

Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues and friends:

As we know, human affairs, for the most part, are rooted in psychology. Psychology of individuals, psychology of social groups, and societies.
At the same time, we recognize the different perspectives and expertise of other relevant disciplines eg. Political Sciences, Economy, Cross-Cultural Sciences etc. and we are curious what our colleagues from those fields have to share.
As psychologists, we feel the burden of many problems the world suffers from and we feel the need to address them responsibly, from the humanistic yet also realistic perspectives.

It is a privilege to address you and ask you to share our concern. We encourage you to take part in this important event. In 2015, we focus on the following areas:

·        Political psychology

·        Economic Psychology

·        Cross-Cultural Psychology

The speakers will include Philip G. Zimbardo, Christina Maslach,  Vladimíra  Dvořáková, Tomáš Sedláček, Shalom H. Schwartz, Michal Žantovský, Jacques Rupnik, Radek Špicar  among others.
The Forum will be organized by the Union of Psychological Associations of the Czech Republic (UPA CR) and the Czech-Moravian Psychological Society (CMPS) under the Auspices of the Ministry of Regional Development CZ.
Detailed information with topics specification are available at www.wpforum.eu

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: E-POSTERS with brief oral presentation

The Organizers invite psychologists, economists and political scientists, academics and researchers from all fields of applications and backgrounds to submit E-posters for World Psychological Forum 2015.

The Abstract Submission Openning: 22nd October 2014
The DEADLINE for ABSTRACT submission is: January 31st 2015
Deatailed information available at www.wpforum.eu

We are inviting you to Prague!

WPF 2015 Organizers

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